Pancha Herbs and Spices Immunity Booster Combo




Pancha BreathEzy – Spices to Boost Immunity

– Keep Breathing Easy
– Provide Natural Healing
– Improve Immunity System
– Clear Throat and Lungs Airway

Instructions to Use
1. Smell – Place the powder into porous cloth and tie them up. Smell it a few times a day.
2. Steam Breathing – Add the powder in boiling water and cover yourself with blanket. Breathe the steam.
3. Sambrani Smoke – Add the powder in sambrani or sambrani Cup. Place the sambrani smoke around the house.

Kabasura Kudineer

Ingredients: Kabasura Kudineer Contains 15 Premium Natural Herbs: Ginger (Chukku), Piper longum (pippali), Clove (lavangam), Dusparsha (cirukancori ver), Akarakarabha Kokilaksha(mulli ver), Haritaki (kadukkaithol), Malabar nut (adathodai elai), Ajwain (Karpooravalli), Kusta (kostam), Guduchi (seenthil thandu), Bharangi (Siruthekku), Kalamegha (siruthekku), Raja pata (Vattathiruppi), Musta (korai kizhangu), Neer

Additional information

Weight .15 kg


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